Saturday Specials

Music City Hot Cheese Tots   $7.95
Crispy tater tots and pickle chips tossed in our Music City Hot Dry Rub…Covered in Mozzarella, Cheddar and bacon bits. Served with Ranch for dipping….
Add Pulled Pork BBQ W/ Sweet Honey BBQ sauce for only $2.10

Dirty Buffalo Balls   $7.50
We took our famous buffalo chicken dip and made then into bite-sized deliciousness! Rolled in egg-wash, then a seasoned Panko bread crumb, and dropped in the deep fryer until golden brown. Served with Ranch for dipping. 

BBQ Platter   $10.25   
Slow cooked Eastern Carolina pork BBQ topped with Daytona sauce, one piece of our Tennessee Bourbon chicken breast. Served with coleslaw and shoestring fries.                                                                                                        

2 BBQ Sandwiches   $7.25      
2 slider buns filled with our mouth-watering Carolina BBQ, topped with Daytona sauce and coleslaw. Served with shoestring fries and a side of your choosing.

Baby Back Ribs     ¾lb. $10.95    1-1/2lb. $15.95 
Slow cooked ‘til they are falling off the bone, then grilled with
your choice of sauce. Served with shoestring fries and your choice of side.