ANNOUNCING: The Allsports Cafe’ Jingle Singing Contest!

Were looking for one female and one male voice to sing our new television/radio Ad jingle. No experience is necessary. All that matters is how you sound 🙂
If you are chosen, you will get the opportunity to sing on a commercial jingle that will be heard on TV, Internet, and Radio, a letter of recommendation from our advertising agency (should you decide to pursue this a career), a $50 Allsports Café gift card and a cameo appearance in an upcoming TV ad!

To enter, just record yourself singing the jingle by yourself. You can use a smart phone, computer, voice recorder, or anything you like.

Send the file of your singing to: Include your name, age, and telephone number.
You can contact us at that email address as well if you have any questions. Please do not contact the stores directly as they will have no information other than that email address.

The deadline is Feb. 28.

Now you are probably wondering, “Just what do I sing?”
The Jingle goes like this:
“Good Friends, Great Food, and Your Favorite Games at – Allsports Café ”
What could be simpler than that?
We have posted a sample of the jingle with the words and temporary vocals so you know what it should sound like HERE:

We have posted a sample without the vocal track for you to practice with HERE:





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